Remedy Acupuncture
with Andy Alzamora in Salt Lake City

Product Review

Biofreeze - A mild pain analgesic that's relatively inexpensive which I have been using since the start of my career as a physical therapist assistant and continuing on to this day for my acupuncture patients and family members.

- All Biofreeze formulas contain menthol as the critical ingredient, which can be found in plants such as peppermints.

- The Methol provides a cooling and hot sensation which is good to block low - mid pain perception. 

- It's a quality product AND it is the easiest to come across compared to other balms for muscle aches and pains.

- It's relatively inexpensive.

- It's not a cure-all, however, I strongly believe your day will be better when you're not focusing on pain somewhere in your body which then could improve your mood. Click on the image above or Biofreeze to be redirected to a different page if you'd like to purchase some for yourself!